Rock 'n' Roll Company's premier Friday the 13th Alternative Rock, Film, and Horror Festival did not disappoint!
On May 13th and 14th, the inside of The Rio Hotel Convention Hall was filled with monsters and mayhem. The festival was broken down into several zones that foolish mortals could easily attend. Upon entering was the Wicked Concert Arena where live music was performed over the sound of screams that echoed through the corridors.
A fan favorite zone was the Serial Shopping Showroom which showcased almost 80 unique and spooky pop-up shops and small businesses. Inside another zone, there was an International Horror Film Festival with three screens projecting over 300 films from 100 countries! The films were screened using everyone's favorite silent disco headsets that were color coordinated to each screen. The Immersion Room was sponsored by the Saw Escape Room, which had a pop-up walk-through haunt filled with scare actors. 
On Friday night they announced a "Prom" queen and king after Voodoo Hacked set, and on Saturday night had a best-dressed costume contest. After the winners were announced Alien Ant Farm came out on stage to end The Fear Faire and absolutely rocked the house with an 18-song setlist! Playing everything from Courage, to Never Meant, and closed with their cover of Smooth Criminal!
Hope everyone had a haunting time! We sure did!
Bands: Joker's Hand, VooDoo Hacked, and Alien Ant Farm
The rest of the festival photos are over at Phantom Focus

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