If you were a part of the Las Vegas punk scene back in the 80s then the L.V.HC Punk Rock Reunion Gig was one you did not want to miss!
In the heart of Las Vegas, where the neon lights usually illuminate the city's bustling nightlife, the LVHC Punk Rock Reunion brought forth a raw and unfiltered blast from the past. This reunion of punk rock legends served as a testament to the enduring spirit of rebellion and DIY ethos that defined the hardcore punk scene of yesteryear.
Attendees, many of whom had grown up together in the local punk scene, came together to reminisce, reconnect, and revel in the shared experiences that had shaped their lives. Whether swapping stories over cheap beer and greasy food or moshing in the pit to the anthems of their youth, attendees forged new memories and renewed bonds that transcended time and distance.

Tripple Ripple
Atomic Gods
Self Abuse
Bad Attitude

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